The Location Lowdown Toolbar has been built around the idea that most searches within an Australian location will contain 'hits' that are common to most areas, this however is not always the case.

To enable the searcher to be able to access any other relevant information required a different approach may be necessary. Most searches will return websites that are generic for the specific type of information required, this will then require the searcher to 'dig' through this site to find the required information. These sites contain information that cannot be called from the initial Location Lowdown search. Again these sites are not definitive in the information contained within them, but we at Location Lowdown do consider these sites to be some of the best available at the moment for specific type searches.

If you still cannot find the information that you require, regarding the categories listed, or would like to comment or offer suggestion please contact us through the contact us section of the site.

Location Lowdown is undergoing constant improvement and therefore your comments or suggestions are extremely valuable to us.